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Fluidmaster Universal Side Entry Toilet Inlet Valve




Fluidmaster side entry toilet inlet valve for refilling the toilet tank. Fixes a toilet that runs or won't refill. Fits most side inlet toilet cisterns or storage tanks.

  • Attaches through the side wall of the toilet tank
  • Long life performance
  • Fits most side inlet toilet cisterns (6-13 litre)
  • Fast, Efficient & Quiet Fill - New design provides a 40% quieter fill
  • Unique quick release coupling nut, for easy access & maintenance
  • Works well with high or low water pressure, fast refill
  • Easy-to-access screen filter ensures years of trouble free operation
  • Water level adjustment for the most efficient flush volume
  • Anti-siphon/backflow design prevents contamination of fresh water supply
  • Corrosion resistant plastic and stainless steel components
  • Narrow profile allows a proper fit in slim line WC cisterns
  • Absence of lever arm prevents storage tank wall distortion - making support structures unnecessary
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