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For all the DIY kiwis that love a repair job, NZ Plumbing Supplies have the products to see the job through.  Our large range of Pipe & Fittings ranging from alkathene pipes, drainage pipe and fittings to spouting and downpipe all available at NZ Plumbing Supplies.  Don't have the right tools for the job?  Look no further!  We can supply pipe cutters, crimpers and channel lock tools to get the job done.


These brass fittings are designed to connect and finish NZ copper pipe systems.  One of the major advantages is that they are very easy to use simply because they don't require any special tools, especially for welding/brazing.  Manufactured with female and male BSP threads.  Available in a range of sizes from 6mm to 50mm.  


Buteline pipe in New Zealand is extruded from premium grade Polybutene-1 (PB-1), which is a non-hybrid material specifically developed for use with hot and cold potable water.

Buteline fittings are integrally strong and durable, moulded from a high tensile premium grade custom thermoplastic and pre-fitted with annealed aluminium sleeves.


Philmac’s robust threaded fittings provide precision BSP tapered threads that have been engineered to maximise sealing performance.

The versatile range is made from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene that does not absorb moisture. Installation is quick, simple and reliable every time. The material is also potable water (AS/NZ 4020) approved.

Philmac’s threaded fittings provide maximum versatility, delivering a high performance connection across a wide range of pressure ratings and chemical combinations. The hexagonal body makes them extremely simple to install. Importantly, Philmac threaded fittings are suitable for working pressures up to PN16 for sizes up to 2”, PN12 for 2-1/1” and PN10 for 3” and 4” sized fittings.  Technical detail


Anka Pipe Fittings with these unique patented design will connect to a large range of pipes and hoses. Designed to fit NZ Low density polythene pipe made to (NZ7601) they will also fit: Australian Rural B, Irish Imperial, Thin wall Lateral pipe and a range of flexible hoses, suction and pressure.

Material : Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon makes these fittings strong and lightweight.
Maximum Working Pressure : 16 bar ( 1600 kpa - 230 psi) @ 20°c
Threads: BSPT
Pipes: Rural Direct pipe is most suitable for Anka fittings. NZ Low density polythene pipe (LDPE) – Common Brands:- LDPE Water Pipe (Rural Direct) EnduroFlex2 (Marley), Alkathene (Iplex). Australian Rural B. Irish imperial.
Fits: LDPE, Non Toxic Tubing, Garden Hose, Reinforced Tubing & Washdown Hose.
Quick and Easy to Fit: Push the pipe over the barbs up to the "stop" then tighten the BLUE NUT. The double barb gives a large surface area for the pipe to grip onto. In most situations the Anka fitting can be fitted cold to the pipe.


Easy Fit Poly Fittings are suitable for use above or below ground, in varying operating pressures and temperatures. They are Strong, Lightweight and Compact and are available in a variety of thread combinations and connections.


Solid, Simple, Secure.
Dux is the most extensive Hot and Cold Polybutylene-1 piping system in New Zealand and Australia with 4 size diameters (12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm) and over 80 DZR brass fittings to choose from.  We only have the 15mm and 20mm sizes available but if you require the other sizes, contact us for a price.

Generally used in residential, light commercial and industrial applications.  SecuraGold is the choice among plumbing professionals and specifiers. 

Simple design, proven use of high performance materials delivers long term results that can be relied on.  Combined with fast installation and simple crimp application, SecuraGold results in overall lower installation costs.


DWV pipe fittings are light weight, easy to install and have a reliable performance.  Used for non-pressure sewer, drain, waste and vent pipe systems.  For plumbing above ground, below ground sewerage and drainage in buildings and infrastructure. 


Stainless steel female/female braided hoses.  Designed to work in temperatures ranging from –5°C to 70°C.  Working pressure 6-15 bar.


Similar to Brass, these galvanised fittings are manufactured with female and male BSP threads, simple to use and available in a range of sizes from 6mm - 90mm.


Polypropylene black for all MDPE pipe - 6,9 & 12 BAR. Complies with : ISO 3458,3459,3503,14236 & BS 5114.  20mm - 63mm 16 bar rating. 75mm - 110mm 10 bar rating

Body & Nut:
(PP) High performance polypropylene.
Clinching / Clip ring: Polyacetal
Rubber O' ring: (NBR) nitrile butadiene rubber (EPDM) Ethylene propylene rubber
Pusher (if applicable): (PP) High performance polypropylene.
Ring cap (if applicable): Stainless steel 304 or equivalent


High quality fittings suitable for pressure pipeline systems and cold water services.  All pressure fittings have the PN15 pressure rating (Class 'E') Nominal working pressure of 1.5 MPa at 20ºC (15 Bar).


Marley spouting designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.  Will not corrode or rust. Ideal for coastal areas with salt-laden air.  Range of styles to suit any home, all guaranteed for 15 years.  Available in Marley Stratus Design Series® colours (NZ Plumbing Supplies only have the white available in the Classic and Stormcloud profie at our store, if you have a special colour requirement contact us here so we can get a price to you)


All Macflo valves have female/female threads, Full Bore, Stainless Steel handles, Nickel brass ball & body.  They have a working pressure of 20 bar and a working temperature of 0ºC to +150ºC, 15mm - 50mm 600psi, 65mm - 100m 400psi.


Suitable for domestic water services, heating, air-conditioning plants and compressed air systems.  Female/female threads.  Flat lever handle in lined steel.  Body in nickel-plated brass.  Minimum and maximum working temperatures: -20°C, 150°C in absence of steam.  Threads ISO228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228).


The Philmac Blue Handled Ball Valve is ideal for the control of water within a pipe system for use above or below ground. The Philmac ball valve offers 1600kPa pressure rating with the added benefits of a shouldered spindle and double o-rings. This valve still retains the key values of being easy to operate, compact and offering high flow operation.


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