Did you know, filtered water saves you money?  We can help with all your Water Filtration needs.  From the complete filtration system to the maintenance of your existing one, we have replacement parts and accessories available to keep your water healthy and clean.  Puretec is the most popular filtration brand but other brands are available contact us if you require Waterware, Steriflo or Matrikx filters.


True flexibility with installation. High quality water filter housings with long warranty. The unique advantage with this versatile range of housings is that they are both compact and durable enough to use anywhere in so many different situations, whether it be at home, work or in industrial processes.


We have a wide range of replacement filters ranging from sediment removal to taste and odour removal.  The sediment removal water filter cartridges are highly effective in removing sediments such as dirt, rust, sand, silt, algae and fine particles from water. The taste and odour removal carbon cartridges can remove chlorine, chemicals and taste and odours from your water supply into your home.  This results in fresh, amazing tasting water from every tap!

We also have a large range of inline specialty cartridges that are compatible with other brands.  Offering you quality, affordable solutions.


Water filtration systems designed for mains water supplies to reduce things like chlorine, taste & odour, chemicals and sediment in your water supply.  This is a great way to save money instead of buying bottled water, filtering all your taps with just one system.  These systems give you good general-purpose filtration for your whole house. 


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