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Drainage coil is manufactured from high-density polyethylene material, with a corrugated profile wall to give high crush resistance, flexibility and lightness.  Available in slotted and unslotted - The slotted product has slots cut at the bottom of the corrugations and spaced around the circumference.  

Designed to remove excess ground water in pastures, crops, orchards, playing fields, roading and construction work.  It can also be used in effluent soakage fields, retaining wall drainage and stormwater diversion as well. 


Filter sleeve is designed to prevent excess fines in the water entering the pipeline and clogging up the pipe with silt.  Resistant to mildew, moisture and rotting, lightweight, high tear strength, low pore site to prevent root fibre penetration.

Promax Water Tanks

You’re looking at the best water tanks in New Zealand. With the Promax premium range including corrugated ENDURO water storage tanks that are designed for optimum performance over many years. Meanwhile, our XPRESS water tanks are made from high-grade polyethylene plastic and give you Promax quality at an affordable price. We can supply water tanks in all sizes, shapes, and applications.


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