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Trollull Wood Heater Glass Cleaner 2pk



Two Wood Heater Door Glass Cleaners

Perfect Dry Cleaning, Fast Clean, Scratch Free, Clear View

  • The first dry wiper for all stove glass. Cleans fast and effectively without chemicals. Say goodbye to encrusted soot and dirt – get a clear view through your stove glass. The fireplace pane cleaner cleans safely without smearing or scratching, using the dry sponge.
  • No more scratched glass, damaged seals, or stained tiles. The professional-standard steel wool sponge lets the light of the fire shine through. Clean glass panes on woodburning and multifuel stoves and ovens easier than ever before. The small, handy cleaning sponge.
  • Wipe the soot-covered glass with a dry TROLLULL Stove Glass Cleaner, cold or warm. The flexible non-woven fabric completely removes even the most stubborn soot and dirt. Just tap off soot, do not wash. This ensures the sponge can be used again and again.
  • Nothing like a standard glass cleaner. Cleans stove glass panes completely dry, also effective for resin splashes caused by resin-rich wood. The ideal cleaner for stubborn soot and other dirt. A professional cleaning tool for stove glass.

Made in Germany

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