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Wilkins Reduced Pressure Zone Valve 975XL Series 15mm


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The 975XL was designed for installation in very tight locations.  Typically high hazard applications such as beverage machines require installatio in small, inaccessible areas.  With the 975XL's top access to the checks, it is much easier to repair that 'wye' pattern designs when in difficult areas.  Designed to prevent backpressure and backsiphonage of contaminated water into the public potable supply, the 975XL is ready for the challenge.

Available is 15mm
Reduced pressure zone backflow preventer consisting of a pressure differential relief valve located between two independently operated spring-loaded center guided check valves
Complete with two full port resilient seated ball valves for shut-off and three resilient seated ball valve test cocks
Bronze body construction
Noryl replacable seats
Silicone check valve washers standard
Entiure unit servicable in line
Temperature range 1-82 degrees C (33-180 degrees F)
Maximum pressure 1225kpa (175psi)

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