Dux Secura 20mm Pipe x 5m Length




Dux PB-1 Potable Water Pipe

20mm x 5m length

  • Dux PB-1 pipe is extruded from Polybutylene (PB) which makes it flexible, very durable and temperature resistant
  • Dux PB-1 pipe will withstand all temperatures found in a normal hot and cold water reticulation system. It is capable of handling variations from -50°C up to 99°C

Dux distributes the most extensive Hot and Cold Polybutylene-1 piping system in New Zealand and Australia.

Used widely in residential, light commercial and industrial applications, SecuraGold is the choice among plumbing professionals and specifiers.

The simple design and proven use of high performance materials delivers long term results that can be relied on.

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