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Apex Pump Buddy




Apex Pump Buddy

For Pump filled Tanks, high volume water inlet control device.

The Pump Buddy valve is an inlet control device which allows for variable minimum and maximum water level settings with a water tank. The maximum level is set up by adjusting the top weight cord (A). The minimum water level is set by adjusting the length of cord between the two weights (B). This results in fewer pump cycles, a reduction in electricity costs and helps prolong the life of the pump.

Variable adjustment between minimum and maximum water levels.

  • Reduces pump run time (saves electricity)
  • Increases pump life 
  • Minimum inlet pressure 55kPa (8psi)
  • Maximum inlet pressure 1200kPa (175psi)
  • Maximum water temperature 60°C
SKU: PB25 TAG: Tank Accessories & Pumps

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