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Hansen Hex Reducing Socket




Hansen Easy True Fit Reducing Socket

16 Bar - 1600 kPa - 235 PSI
12 Bar - 1200 kPa - 175 PSI
10 Bar - 1000 kPa - 145 PSI
Maximum working temperature 20°C

CodeSizeMax Pressure at 20°C
HSRS201520-15mm16 Bar
HSRS251525-15mm16 Bar
HSRS252025-20mm16 Bar
HSRS322032-20mm16 Bar
HSRS322532-25mm16 Bar
HSRS402040-20mm16 Bar
HSRS402540-25mm16 Bar
HSRS403240-32mm16 Bar
HSRS502050-20mm16 Bar
HSRS502550-25mm16 Bar
HSRS503250-32mm16 Bar
HSRS504050-40mm16 Bar
HSRS654065-40mm12 Bar
HSRS655065-50mm12 Bar
HSRS805080-50mm10 Bar
HSRS806580-65mm10 Bar
HSRS10065100-65mm10 Bar
HSRS10080100-80mm10 Bar


  • Largest range of durable, high strength, commercial quality Threaded Pipe Fittings in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Precision Heavy Duty Tapered Threads give a Strong Reliable Seal
  • Manufactured from a Raw Material Approved For Use With Potable (drinkable) Water
  • Manufactured from High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon giving a Weather, Termite, Fungi & Bacteria Resistance
  • Common Applications Include Horticultural, Agricultural, Irrigation, Marine & Plumbing
  • Material strong enough to minimise potential cross threading
  • WRAS - Approval for use with potable (drinkable) water as they will not leach contaminants into the water.
  • Suitable for use above or below ground in varying operating pressures and temperatures
  • Strong, Lightweight and Compact
  • Available in a variety of thread combinations and connections.
  • New Zealand Made

SKU: HSRS10080 TAG: Low Density Pipe & Fittings

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