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Aquaseal Flexible Collar / Boot Flashing



Aquaseal Flexible Collar / Boot Flashing

Aquaseals are the original square based polymer flashing and provide effective weather sealing for pipe and flue installations. Made from the highest quality EPDM rubber or silicone, Aquaseals are designed to perform under varied environmental conditions. Temperature range -40° to 115°C

The flexible solution for pipe and flue installation.

 Base SizePipe Diameter
ASE0B Mini 75x75mm 3-25mm
ASE1B #1115x115mm3-63mm
ASE2B #2155x155mm 25-90mm
ASE3B #3203x203mm 50-127mm
ASE4B #4 255x255mm 89-165mm
ASE5B #5 305x305mm 127-216mm
ASE6B #6355x355mm 165-267mm
ASE7B #7432x432mm 216-330mm
AAE8B #8600x540mm230-380mm


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