Puretec IL-UB Inline Undersink Water Filter System




The IL-UB Series include premium grade KDF media and effectively reduces chlorine, sediment, bad taste, odours and heavy metals to leave you with beautiful tasting drinking water every time.

This filter system is ideal for use in town and rural water supplies.

Ideal for town and rural water supplies

Mounts horizontally or vertically

1 year warranty

Easy installation

Model: IL-UB
Micron Rating: 1 micron
Replacement Cartridge: IN149C
Min / Max Flow: 0 - 1.9Lpm
Min / Max temperature: 2 – 38 °C
Min / Max pressure: 100 - 860 kPa
Required hole for the tap: 2.5mm diameter

SKU: PUR-IL-UB TAG: Filtration Systems

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