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Buteline ProClamp Tool - PRO18 - 15mm


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Buteline ProClamp Tool 

PRO18 - 15mm 

For Buteline pipe and fittings

Vital to the effectiveness of a plumbing system is the ability to have connections made securely. The way this is done with the Buteline Plumbing System is by inserting pipe into the fitting and clamping it.

Buteline clamp tools are robust, designed to perform up to a consistent high standard, and are easy to maintain (simply clean and lubricate moving parts regularly). All tools have been specifically engineered exclusively for the Buteline Plumbing System to ensure a simple, accurate, watertight joint every time. Our 'head' designs permit easy access and alignment.

Here are some features and benefits of the Buteline ProClamp tools:

  • More compact and portable than the standard FR clamp tools
  • Ideal for use in restricted spaces
  • Ratchet style tool features a locking mechanism that ensures a full clamp is achieved
  • Easily operable
  • Colour coded handles for easy identification (the PRO18 is blue)
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