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Anka Hose Nozzle




Anka Washdown nozzles, tails and repair kits

Glass Reinfoiced nylon

  • Body and hose tail material: Glass filled nylon
  • Nut and Bolt: 304 Stainless Steel
  • O ring: Rubber
  • Nozzle Protector: Thermoplastic Rubber

Anka Hose Nozzles have been designed for a wide range of uses. The large bore 40mm and 32mm being widely accepted in the farm and dairying industry. The extra water volume moves solids quickly and efficiently. Using high quality industrial plastics, the Anka hose nozzles give greater impact resistance.

Anka small 32mm and 25mm Hose Nozzles are designed for smaller volume washdown. Proven to be the best in their class, this compact and reliable hose nozzle is at home in any situation.

SKU: AHNS25 TAG: Low Density Pipe & Fittings

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