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Chimney Troubles

How often should you Clean your Chimney?

As a homeowner, it's important to prioritize the maintenance and upkeep of your chimney.  Not only does it play a crucial role in ensuring that your home stays warm and cozy during the colder months, but it also serves as a safety measure against chimney fires. That's why it's recommended to clean your chimney at least once a year.

Birds and Nesting Issues
One of the biggest reasons why chimneys need to be cleaned on a regular basis is due to bird nesting.  Birds are attracted to shiny objects and often see chimneys as a perfect place to make their nest.  While they may not cause any harm at first, a bird's nest can quickly turn into a hazard if it becomes stuck in the flue.  This can cause chimney fires, which is why it's crucial to have your chimney cleaned before the colder months set in.

Even if you haven't had any issues with birds in your chimney in the past, it's important to remember that you can't control their behavior.  So, if you recently installed a new chimney, it's even more important to have it cleaned regularly to prevent any potential problems from arising.

Cleaning your chimney once a year is a must to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home's heating system.  So, make sure to schedule a chimney cleaning appointment with a professional before the colder months set in or do it yourself using our chimney brushes available.


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